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The Dr. ColourChip
Repair Process

How to get a visit from Dr. ColourChip:

Step One:
Click on “Call Your Doctor” and enter your postal code. (The system will tell you which professional Dr. ColourChip team is closest to you.)
Step Two:
Send a picture and a request for a quote.
Step Three:
The technician will contact you to set up a convenient time to meet you to give you a quote. If the quote is acceptable a time will be set to do the repair or it may be done immediately. Mobile repairs are done at your home, business or other location agreed to by you and the Dr. ColourChip professional.

Form of payment should be discussed with the Dr. ColourChip professional prior to meeting to do the repairs.

If no Dr. ColourChip professional is in your area you may contact info@drcolourchip.ca for more information/options.

A consumer do-it-yourself kit is not sold in Canada. All repairs are done as a service call on a mobile basis.

Please remember…

Repairs are not invisible. However, while colour match and finish results are varied, they are always better than having the panel sanded down and repainted. It is better to keep the paint on your vehicle from the factory if possible rather than what is applied aftermarket by a body shop/paint shop.

View the Gallery to see the the Dr. Colourchip Difference!

Dr. ColourChip is the choice for repairs for dealerships and vehicle manufacturers from coast to coast.

Dr. ColourChip is rated #1 by repair professionals around the world.

Dr. ColourChip is the #1 choice by car clubs around the world.

Dr. ColourChip has access to all original manufacturer vehicle colours on all vehicles in the marketplace.

Outside of Canada? International Sites

Dr. ColourChip Paint Chip Services are available in the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.


I've been a real gear-head for 45 years and have always tried to keep my cars looking sharp. I think I've tried just about every paint touchup technique or product to hit the market since 1965. Absolutely none have produced the extraordinary results produced by Dr ColorChip. The color match is perfect... You guys deserve

Al Rabold September 2, 2015

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